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Crail interview with Bastien Marlin

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Bastien Marlin is a great DIY activist in France. The DIY therm means: Do it Yourself. Bastien does for himself and for skateboarding, always putting in work and making it happen in his country.

Recently, he had a 10 page arcticle in Désillusion Mag, with photos of some spots he built. Following this track, we sat down with him and asked about all this stuff:

Hey Bastien, how are you? What are you up to now?
I’m fine! Now it’s week end, it’s time to shred!!! I’m just wake up… this afternoon, we go film in a new spot.

How does it feel being European and riding for a Brazilian company?
I’m just super happy, it is not really important, I don’t mind where come from the company, as long as I feel good with the brand.

How dos your relationship with Crail started?
Long time ago… I think, I started to skate for Crail 8 or 9 years ago, first with the French dealer and after 2 years, I integrate the European Team, and in 2008 I meet a big part of the team during a trip in Brazil.

Tell us a bit about your DIY job in France.
I live in the south of france, in the province, we don’t have so many streets spots or big places to shred, that why we build some spots!

What are the difficulties while producing and DIY spot?
The most difficult it’s to find a good place… When you have the spot, it is in the pocket! After, do it yourself it cool, but do it together is better!

Step by Step of one of Bastien's spot Photo: Bastien Marlin

What are your interests outside skateboarding? How does it influences in your skating?
When I’m not skating or building some DIY, I go fishing! All about skateboarding can influenced me!

Photos by Valentin Kilinger

TEXTS BY Crail Trucks

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